Reintroduce Grey Poupon to millennials by creating a brand refresh that articulates its enduring luxury in the present day through its French and vintage roots.
US-based consumers, Affluent millennials based in the USA, aged 25- 42 on an income of $70k+ & make the brand feel synonymous with the concept of a high-end elevated sandwich.
The concept is to portray Grey Poupon through the notion of a high-end elevated sandwich that has been crafted. Visually this is done through the representation of stacking/building and the emphasis of the product as the main ingredient missing, building the whole campaign on the language of craft that the product will then be associated by. 
“Grey Poupon isn’t for a dreary snack. It’s for French-inspired baguettes."
" You don’t make a sandwich with Grey Poupon - you craft it.”

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